How The Game Made Me Who I Am

I found this game when I was roughly 7 years old. At the time I didn't really know anything about computers. I hardly even knew how to search up a website. One day my friend came over to my house and asked me if I ever played a game called RuneScape, I told him I hadn't, and he logged into his account. Immediately I fell in love with the game, I asked my friend how to make an account and he helped me set one up. I then started training my account and playing on it every day. The more I used the computer the more I understood how computers worked and how to troubleshoot specific issues.

Then one day specifically, I was using my computer and I tried downloading a program that was supposed to help you play the game, but it was a virus. My computer crashed and was ruined. I didn't want to tell my parents so I used the other computer in my house and tried to figure out how to fix the computer. I searched all over the internet, eventually I figured out you needed to do a fresh intall of the operating system, I then did a complete re-install of the operating system and got everything working the way it should.

Later on down the road, I became curious as to how the game was created and made, not just the ideas behind it, but how I was playing it. This eventually lead me to the world of Java, RuneScape is completely written using Java. I began learning about Java and learning how to use it, I would write basic programs to do minute tasks. When I found out about Java and how easy it was, I became fasicnated with computers. I started learning about other programming languages and other operating systems, it was the thing in my life that made me realize I wanted to eventually do something with computers.

Fast forward 7 years and I'm at Towson majoring in Information Technology doing exactly what I knew I wanted to do since I was 14 years old. RuneScape without a doubt has made me who I am today.