Playing With Friends

Playing with friends is a large reason why people play RuneScape, you can make friends online or play with ones you currently have. There are many things you can do with friends such as skilling together, killing other players in the wilderness, or the most common, PvM or Player Versus Monster. This is when you and a friend or group of friends kill monsters together in hopes of receiving a good item or items.

My favorite thing to do with friends is PvM. My friend, Evan and I play RuneScape together almost every day just to boss, I always joke to him I see him online more than in person. Each time you kill a boss/monster you have a chance to get a rare item, for each boss/monster the drop rate of the rarest item is always different. Evan and I enjoy killing the Bandos Boss known as General Graardor.

During one trip (one trip is equivalent to an entire inventory of food and items, one trip usually means at least 10-15 kills) Evan and I receieved the two rarest items a Bandos Chestplate which is 15 million gp and the Bandos Tassets which are 27 million gp. Receiving the Bandos Tassets

Another person that I enjoy playing with is my friend named Drew. We enjoy killing a monster known as the Corporal Beast, this monster can drop the 2nd rarest item in the game known as the Elysian Sigil which has a drop rate of 1/4095. While we've never gotten that item before, we hope to get it someday soon. It is worth 380 million gold pieces. Drew and I fighting the Corporal Beast
It's not always possible to see your friends every day because of things like work, school and conflicting schedules etc. that's what makes RuneScape so cool, it's something you can just log into really quick do a few skills and talk to your friends, it allows you to remain close to your friends if you can't see them in real life, while also having fun when you are all free.

There are clans you can join within the game to meet more people so you can do things like PvM and player killing.